The name “Abraco” means a small or little hug. Unlike the “abrazzo” – a full hug, an abraco is similar to a one-armed hug with the person beside you. The term, and ultimately the name of this newsletter, was introduced to the community by Rex McMillan, an active member and one-time president of Vermont Tres Dias. Rex also served on the International Tres Dias assembly.

Mar 312015

Dear Pescadores,
I pray that your upcoming Easter celebration will be filled with the joy of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and you will be surrounded with family.

As we approach spring, keep in mind as you watch the earth come alive again, that our Lord has done this for each one of us. As we share the good news of the gospel of Christ, you can relate it to the new birth of spring.

The newsletter has the listings of the next three Secuelas. April will be in Jericho Center on the 18th. I probably will not be there as I leave for Africa the next day, and I will have LOTS to do. So, go and celebrate for me!

Abraco – April/May 2015 (pdf)

Have a wonderful Easter, enjoy the upcoming springtime. Blessings

Janet Smithers
Communication Committee