Mar 072017

Dear Pescadores,

Here is the first newsletter for 2017. Not much news, but a good list of the monthly Secuelas and the fall dates!

Also, March’s Secretariat and Secuela will be held at Green Mountain Gospel Chapel on March 18th. Secretariat begins at 5:00 and the Secuela at 6:30. This is a very central location, so call a Pescadore or two, and attend the gathering!

The newsletter is always available on the web site under the Newsletter tab. We have heard that some people can’t seem to get the newsletter to open. This email will have a hyperlink to click and the should open. All I can say is to keep clicking or just go to the website and find it under the Newsletter tab.

Here is a link to the Abraco

Blessings to all,

Brenda & Janet
Communication Committee