Oct 012018

Hello Pescadores,

Here is your newsletter! In it is the team list so you can start writing Palanca. Through email, you will be getting a list of the Pilgrims, and that should also be available at the October Secuela at Essex Alliance Church.  Speaking of Secuelas, it is not too early to sign up for next year. Please give Dave Satre a call to pick your month to host in 2019. His phone number is in the newsletter.

October’s gathering will be in Essex at the Essex Alliance Church and will have a special guest from International Tres Dias, Frank Yarbrough. There will also be a dinner hosted by Essex Alliance Pescadores. Please contact Jerry or Beth Cole if you wish to attend the dinner, their number is and times are the newsletter as well.

Once you have your newsletter open you can also print it for your convenience. If you have someone that you are thinking of sponsoring, get their application in soon, we are halfway full with the women, so it is looking good!! Names will be coming out soon!!


Brenda & Janet
Communications Committee